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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What are these? Some more of Her Majesty Margo's "fluffs and fancies." These are batts: fiber that I've carded (combed using a drum carder) that makes it as light and as fluffy as a cloud -- they even have hints of glitter, compliments of Angelina (fiber that is!) This is the stuff that "dreams" are made of'; now they are on their way to become scarves but I'd be happy just padding my studio with them so I could keep on touching and looking at them every day.


  1. ....Margo, these luscious batts are going to make gorgeous scarves! Do post them when you finish are always an inspiration to those of us embellishers out here who want to be like you "when we grow up"!!!

  2. Phyllis, I always appreciate your kind comments -- I won't be able to post pictures of the finished scarves as they've gone off for someone else to use in a class! I do wish I could see how they turn out. Maybe I'll ask for some pictures!