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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Green "scrumbles"

I've been making these green scrumbles (modular knit/crochet pieces) for over a year now and mentioned them in an earlier post. Since they were just sitting there, I decided to challenge myself to get it put together in time for the Maryland Sheep and Wool -- always fun to share with others to let them see how much fun making scrumbles can be -- it's amazing to me that more don't try it since everyone knits and must have loads of scraps of yarn hanging around. I always have lots asking for more information about scrumbles and I alert them to the International Freeform Knitting and Crochet group on Yahoo -- people from all around the world are into freeform. No need to worry about tension, or gauge -- just pick up some yarn and do whatever takes your fancy - there is everything in this wrap from plain knitting surrounded with all sorts of crochet stitches. What a great way to learn by making samples of new stitches and putting them together. Since I'm looking for relaxation in the evenings when doing these scrumbles, the colorway and texture means more to me than the actual stitches. With that said, sometimes, a particular yarn will call out to be bullions or fans - and there you go! This began with some gorgeous chenille and some curly wool in the Caribbean green tones and I began my pilgrimage of gathering everything I could find in that same colorway - a ball here and a ball there in various textures; I love working with monochromatic color schemes so the "hunt" is great fun for me. After I began working, I realized that it needed a delicate "punch" so that is when the rose tones entered -- nothing too loud or big just tiny touches here and there and I added a few pink locks here and there. It turned into a rather "frilly" wrap with an organic collar -- it reminded me of a garden so, of course, it had to have leaves -- and these are needle/wet felted and stitched and strategically placed. . . and what do you know, it WON the First Prize and Special Award in it's category! I was so surprised and thrilled!

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  1. And well i should! That is a wonderful wonderful piece!