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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

New Very Sheer Felt

This has to be the most sheer felt that I've made to date. I wanted something that would be "floaty" but covered with wool at the same time - there are three pieces and enough to do some sort of long vest. Things I learned: I rolled all three pieces at the same time, however, the back seems to have shrunk more than the two fronts, so I'll rewet it (when I get some time) and stretch it. I may just do something very simple and stitch it at the shoulders and below the arm for a couple of inches - anchoring it with something fancy. It will look great over jeans with boots and a turtleneck! The color is just scrumpteous - the background was a deep pink gauze that I dyed some time ago and the wool is in variegated pinks/reds purchased at the MD Sheep and Wool - only problem is that is ran like crazy and I had to make sure that I had plastic everywhere! after all the soap and water, it seems to have gotten much better. There are also pieces of hand dyed velvet and some silk fibers embedded in it - delicious.


  1. This is glorious!! I would love to learn how to do this!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing!!

  2. This really speaks to me, love the color and the texture. Wishing I could touch it!! LOL

  3. Thanks Elizabeth and Karen! Elizabeth this wasn't really difficult, you just need a really large table top! If you need more info, write to me privately and I'll be glad to help!