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Thursday, August 24, 2006

This morning, as I was faced with some hand dyed wool felt leftover over from my watercolor landscape class preparation, my creative spirit perked up her sleepy head. Some of these pieces are a nice size and mostly blue. Not only was the wool too wide but needed to be "squared" so I saved all the edges which were thick and thin but also quite pretty in soft shades of blue and green. Her are beginning pictures of this experiment . . . . . . keep tuned to see what happens!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

On September 17, I'll be teaching the Watercolor landscape (you can see the picture on the June 29 post) at Randy's Quilt shop in Greensboro, NC. I met Randy last year when I taught class at Babylock Tech in St. Louis and I'm looking forward to seeing him again and meeting Debbie, his assistant. This class is really fun and allows students to be creative using a variety of roving, yarns and ribbon embellished on to a hand dyed wool background to create their dream English countryside. The completed piece can be used for a wallhanging or would be fabulous framed in a shadow box. I've done quite a few landscape pieces -- the first was made for a birthday gift using Harris Tweed. It was purchased in Lewes on the island of Stornaway where it originated. It makes it all more special because we visited my Mother's cousins who still live there and who used to be Harris Tweed weavers. In fact, Mom's uncle who was a Minister was instrumental in visiting London and taking the necessary steps to protect the name from those foreign companies attempting to steal and use it for their inferior cloth. Every yard of authentic Harris Tweed is identified.

Thing have been busy in the Queen's studio these past few weeks as every spare moment has been spent updating samples and preparing for upcoming events. On September 8 I'll be teaching a bag class and on September 9 presenting my trunk show at Creative Sewing in Columbia, SC. I'm very excited that I'll finally meet Evy of "A Bit of Stitch" and Peg, the owner of the shop. If you have an embroidery machine you really must check out Evy's designs. This is the bag that was designed for class using a collection of sumpteous materials in soft salmon and green and the Babylock Embellisher of course.
If you have an embroidery machine you really must check out Evy's designs -- she is just so imaginative and clever. Her dimensional Sugarplum Fairy is simply amazing -- for the past two Christmases, I have stitched many complete with their sparkly ballet dresses, posed and hung them from the chandelier for our own families version of the Nutcracker. The grandchildren love them and they make wonderful tree ornaments.