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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Our home is surrounded by tall oaks intermingled with sassafras trees that seem to "glow" from within during this Fall season -- what a glorious site as I look out my studio window. Here is one of Her Majesty's on going projects that is being developed -- again I have to wait for the scrumbles (for those who don't know about scrumbles, you are really missing out!) and the pieces felted to match "tell" me what they would like to be. Whether or not I can accomplish it is a different story!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I realize that it is a long time between postings but I have been working on four new projects -- the first in a series of Samplers for machine needle felting that I hope to launch very soon. Once I've found the right partner(s), I'll post some pictures. During my travels, I've found that there is a great need for simple projects for those who don't have access to classes and want to gain confidence, learn techniques. The machine needle felting trend is starting to really catch on as I said it would three years ago! Keep tuned for more about this first "Sampler." . . . . . . of course, there is always the book that is coming along nicely. The other item that I've spent lots of time working on but more time pondering over is the hand dyed wool garment. It helped when I recently purchased a dress form (thanks to Project Runway, my FAVORITE show!). I have finished designing the front and let the "curves" tell me what to do. Now the challenge is to piece the remaining fabric for the back and to incorporate some of the same design elements, i.e., curves and texture. The pictures you see here are where we are now -- will it be a vest or will it be a jacket? Will it be a winner . . . . or will it be an "out" and have me disappointed with the results and force me to begin all over again to create something else? I'm trying to take it slow and allow it to come to life. Oh well, it would make a very pretty bag!