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Monday, June 07, 2010

First Steps Embellisher Tutorial

We'll begin by selecting our colors; I want use a variety of seafoam greens and a little red. At this point, I have no idea where these colors will lead - I may have to add or take away and this is okay since it is part of the creative process.

Fold or mark a line down the center of your water soluble fabric.

Begin with your first strip near the center; make sure it is longer than your water soluble as it will gather up - some fabrics more than others and you will just cut off the excess at the bottom. It does not have to be exactly straight and on purpose I began with the most difficult fabric to work with - dupioni as it shreds when embellished but the finished effect makes it worthwhile. I cut off excess threads along each side.


  1. oh it is time to gather all my silk bits together in the same place!!!!! I have been collecting silk clothing from thrift stores to use in fabric collage- time to start dismantling them!!!!
    Margo, do you ahve a good source for Water soluble fabric? The Solvy is so sticky and the fabric that you use really feels like fabric and does not get nearly as sticky as the Soly when you are dissolving it!!

  2. Beautiful work Margo. After all of the fabrics are needle felted down you will add roving? Then free motion stitch, then wet felt? Is that the correct order?

  3. Hi Margo,

    Like Eizabethe, I also want to know if there is any place that I can get good water soluble fabric?

    Kindly advise and Blessing,

  4. Suzanne, yes, I will add roving in places, free-motion stitch, rinse off the water soluble and then wet felt - I'm sorry I didn't see your post here; hope you haven't been waiting too long for a response! Loias and Elizabeth, you can purchase the water soluble fabric anywhere they sell supplies for machine embroidery; just be sure to get the white fabric and NOT the clear film which will just come apart with the needles.

  5. Sometimes, I do not add any wool and in that case, I just rinse off the water soluble in warm water once it has been stitched.

  6. Beatifulll... like alott..

  7. Beatifuulll like alit

  8. THank you Dex Gallerys