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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Her Majesty is doing a Happy Dance today -- the sun is shining and the flowers are very happy -- especially the Goose Neck Liatris! (she's not quite sure that the spelling is correct but they are gorgeous nevertheless - all pointing their dainty goose-like heads in the same direction). Mind you, she's not complaining at all about the recent rain as the palace garden was crying out for water -- but a week of steady rain was a just a little too much. The Queen has been "painting" with fiber again, but this time it is all about soft watercolor hues -- here is her latest endeavor. Put your daily tasks aside and imagine taking a walk through this dreamscape English countryside and getting lost in the scenery -- can you hear the bubbling brook hidden by the trees? When you are tired, you can retire to the upstairs room with the gabled window, rest on the feather bed, close your eyes and listen to the songbirds.