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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

"Trying to Change The World One Sequin at a Time" - Lady Gaga

Experiments with Indigo FUN!!!

Indigo silk scarf
Silky merino wool and indigo cowl

Variety of silk scarves dyed with indigo
Indigo chiffon scarf
Chiffon botanical print scarf
Yesterday I was reading some artistic quotes for inspiration - amazing what energy that can produce and I spotted the quote by Lady Gaga "Trying to Change the World One Sequin at a Time" and I could relate to that right away because felt making, dyeing and all my other endeavors have permitted me to meet the most amazing, kind and inspirational souls and yes, I think when we create beauty and share, it does change the energy in the world.  From my lovely friend, Pat, who treats me like a Queen picking me up bearing gifts and taking me to and fro when I visit Maryland and need to catch up with my former world and former friends to all sorts of new people in my life (June who brings me silk!  Eileen and others who flood me with leaves and mushrooms) as well as all the lovely friends who support me as well as the opportunities in my new life.

I am so grateful for the support of my lovely husband and family who never hesitate to help me in my creative endeavors - suggestions, assistance, support, guidance and even more than I can list here.

Lots of pictures because I have been more busy than usual because our fiber group, FAB, Fiber Artists of Beaufort is having a show in November at ArtWorks.  The reception will be held on November 13 so, if you can make it, I would love to see you.  We are having all sorts of demos by some very talented artists in a variety of media on November 14 and 15.

A large botanical printed silk wrap
A wall hanging with a silk habotai botanical print,
 hand stitching and a silk fusion butterfly will complete it.
New felt work to be added to a vest in progress.