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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Although this piece is far from being finished, it is coming along nicely (my "bliss time is over for today) and I've added some silk hankies, silk carrier rods and the tiniest little wool crimpy curls that I've ever seen (adorable). Keep in mind that you must allow your muse to take over here -- you will have no clue where these colors and texture will take you -- just take one step at a time and decide what the next step will be when you get there. Great fun and very relaxing.

Once the colors have been determined then I began using my very favorite "baby" to Embellish down the fibers as a background.

Here we go again. Among the wool felts received the other day was a piece of lavender that I wasn't sure what to do with (colors look quite different online sometimes) so my "muse" told me that we needed a challenge; we put the orange and blue piece aside for the moment and started shopping through the Queen's stash (THAT is what it is there for anyway) and came up with a colorway to please the senses. This is what we came up with. The idea being to begin with some colors and then go from there.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Today, I finally took the plunge to create a blog which I hope will serve as a tool to share some hints and techniques for those of you who love to play with color and texture too.

I'm an admirer of Joseph Campbell who tells us to spend some time with our "bliss" daily in order to restore our energy. My bliss is playing with a rainbow of fibers of the softest silks, mohair and wools that range from sleek and silky or combed into luscious waves or locks that are tight and crimpy in texture. The variations are never ending so my voracious interest continues to be fed. I hope yours will too.

My newest obsession is free-form knitting and crochet and my shawl that started out to be a cape is almost finished -- I had a basket full of "scrumbles" which are small pieces crocheted or knitted or a combination of both -- and then these are pieced together. This is all more fun when you have the task of selecting a colorway -- I love introducing a "surprise" color into the mix. This process reminds me of the broken china mosaics or the crazy patchwork quilting that I also enjoy. This shawl began with a piece of nuno felt created with my Embellisher using silk chiffon, fiber and water soluble stabilizer in a sort of basic triangular shape and has emerged much like a butterfly as a soft, ruffly, fluffy creation. I need to take a rest from it for a couple of days before I determine what the next step should be.