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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Art Batt

Yummy art batt made with my brand new Big Tom electric carder -- lots of colors for your machine-needle/felting pleasure - layer after layer of various shades of pinks, yellows, a touch of caribbean blue silk and white merino; peel of a layer for your collage or felting pleasure.  I'm going to list this on my Etsy store.

Pretty Little Valentine Cuff

I've been working on an exclusive tutorial for an Australian site (they are going to feature me and my books - isn't that exciting?) - this is not the one; however, working on it immersed and surrounded by all the shades of pink that I love inspired me to create another cuff worthy of the Queen is all of us :-)  I'm going to list this in my Etsy store

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Wish Me Luck! Creative Mojo

Today is the day - tune in to Creative Mojo!  I hope I won't be too nervous, never have done a "live" radio interview before! 

Listen on i-tunes!  turned out better than I thought - I could have talked a lot longer which surprised me!

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Gift for a Friend

A quick machine-needle ane wet felted gift for a new friend :-)   Black wool and with a lot of added sparkle to celebrate 2012!

Happy New Year Fun Felt Flower Tutorial

A gift for my readers and friends to thank all of you.

This felt flower is fun and easy to create and really beautiful! An experiment that worked out well.

Ready? Here we go . . . .

1. select a good length of some wide wired ribbon (inexpensive in craft shops)

2. REMOVE the wire from one side

3. choose some complimentary or contrasting wool/roving and machine-needle felt it along the side without the wire

4. place the ribbon in soapy water and roll until the wool has shrunk and is very well felted - no loose fibers - your ribbon will have gathered!

5. Begin with a tight roll and stitch the bottom to hold in place; continue stitching the ribbon around the roll and tuck in the end raw edge.

6. Stitch on a pin back and there you go! a quick and easy embellishement!