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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I can't let
you in on the secret yet, but I'm working on a commission for some very special projects that you'll learn more about in the months to come -- keep tuned for more "teasers" !!!

It is really difficult to get a good photograph of this "butterfly" chiffon shrug -- this is just one half of the butterfly (I'll post another picture if I manage to get a good shot) and although the wrong side does not have the delicious puckering of the real thing, my attempt to create faux nuno felting turned out pretty well using my Embellisher. It worked pretty well and was quite fast! This is a copper synthetic chiffon (for my first attempt, I hesitated to use silk in case I ruined it!) but I also have a gorgeous shimmery green silk chiffon scarf that turned out quite well too (you can see me wearing it in the Maryland Sew and Vac pictures (see below).

In case you are interested in seeing some items from my trunk show, here is a link to Maryland Sew and Vacuum in Clinton, Maryland, from last weekend -- the class was very full, we had a great time and I met lots of neat fellow Embellishers !!!