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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Closet Embellishers - Come Out of the Closet!!!

Let the fun begin!

If you'd like to be part of the group I call "Closet Embellishers" here's your opportunity! I'm doing this as a thank you for all those who purchased my books as well as for those of you who need a little encouragement and coaching to build your Embellisher confidence. When I get my materials back (still en route) from the show, I'll have some silk and wool for sale and if you mention that you're Embellisher "is out of the closet" (or from under the table hahaha) you'll get a 15% discount!

Andi's experiment that Emma helped with (earlier post) gave me an idea for our first project and we'll be doing something similar. We'll be making a piece of embellished fabric that can be strictly machine needle felted and stitched or you can take it further as I have and wet felted the results and added beads, and more embellishments (I'll post a picture of my almost finished piece soon). I'm all about making the fabric because the end result can be used for so many things.

MATERIALS to get ready:

Water soluble fabric - the size is up to you but if you are a real beginner, I'd limit it to no more than 15" x 15"

Fabric strips (about 2- 3 " wide) - enough to fill up your piece. I chose a variety of silks from lightweight (silk gauze) to heavy (dupioni). Wide ribbons can be part of this too.

Wool roving or batts in colors of your choice (2 ounces should be enough)

Thread - (I like to use clear Sulky Polyester but you can use any of your choice)

Sewing Machine - any that will do free-motion stitching

More to come soon . . . .


  1. Greetings and Good Morning,
    I am thrilled to see you are doing an online learning class. I am the lucky lady that you choose as the winner of your project from Denise's list on felting.
    (I did the felted pond purse). I look foward to gathering all my treasures and learning from you! PS Love the new book.
    I work mostly with cotton's so getting to play with satin, silk and wool are always fun. I did do one pieces with lots of needle felted silk. I will send you a pic if you would like to see it! Would love to hear you comments and advice on my work ie play,
    Your loyal fan. Shelly Beth

  2. I can't wait. Thanks again for doing this. Have to go diving in the sewing room and find what I need for this project.

  3. What wonderful idea. Your books are so inspiring but the machine still under the table...(why do you know...hahahaha).
    Now I will look for the materials and the machine and looking forward for more. Thanks a lot!


  4. Shelly Beth, I'd really like to see some pictures of what you've been working on!
    Karen and Sabine - I'd hoped to post some this morning but work is calling (I know I'm fortunate to have a job, so I can't complain too much) I'll be posting the next step(s) this weekend

  5. As a closet embellisher but out of the closet quilter I want to know if this will work with cotton fabrics---it is incredibly hard to find silk in my area---there are no fabric shops left....or will you be selling the silk fabrics when they come back from the show? And I never realised that you have a "day job" and get so much done.

  6. Thanks Margo
    I have your books, but mostly still lurk in the closet ... I am now gathering my materials in anticipation.

  7. California Fiber -- You can use cottons to embellish with but if you are going to wet felt at the end, then silks will be so much more lovely when the wool shrinks and they really gather up! Yes, I will have lots of wool and silk for sale on here. When and if the "snail" ever gets them here, I'll post some pictures.

    Wilma - glad to have you here!

  8. ...oh, Margo! I'm so happy and thankful for your generosity in doing this on your blog...I'm digging my Embellisher out of the closet (shame on me!!)and will check in daily to try and keep up with your gorgeous doings....

  9. previous comment was shown to come from an improper blog; should have signed it from your old friend Phyl in N.C...........
    ...thanks for sharing your lessons with those of us who love your embellished works of art, and our Embellishers!

  10. Hi Phyllis! I just thought about you today when I was cleaning up (yes too bad we have to spend time doing this) and saw my wonderful crown -- I keep it on it's own special shelf right inside my fabric armoire so that when I open the, I get a lovely "sparkly" surprise every time and think lovely thought of you.

  11. OK Margo I'm in. I bought your books when they first came out and still can't get the effects you get. Mabe this will help.

  12. Hi Craftirn - Welcome and thanks for buying my books - we're going to have fun together, you'll see!

  13. Margo, this is a great tutorial. So generous of you to share it with all of us. I love my embellisher and appreciate learning new ways to use it in my work.

  14. mine is still waiting up the closet to get off - maybe with the help of your tutorial I will work. Thanks for your great encouragement!