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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Butterfly Felt

Since getting a huge table top, I'm now able to make really large felts and this one is no exception; still a lot of work to do but I'm soooo pleased with the colors!  I'm excited about the detail possibility on this!

This One's For Susan (Susan's Fiber Shop)

I made this Fascinator for Susan to enjoy - it has all of her favorite colors which don't really show here -  chartruese, purple and mauve.  If you want to see how fun and easy it is to make your own special design, be sure to sign up for the Fabulous Fascinator workshop at the MFS in Madison, Wisconsin, July 30 - August 5.

Natural Marbelized Eggs

After reading about dyeing eggs with onion skins I just had to try; I loved the idea of wrapping them in silk prints but their dye is toxic.  I also had some natural blue food color (from flowers and fruits) dye on hand so I experimented with making them blue before wrapping them in onion skins (and a few shallot skins as well).  They just turned out so amazing; I couldn't stop gazing at them - the light is bouncing off them in the picture because I rubbed a little oil on them right afterward but I think you get the idea.  They are the most gorgeous marbleized blue, bronze and golden brown (included a little parsley under the onion skins so a little "frilly" silhouette shows here and there) - each one of them with a unique beauty.  I had some of the blue and onion skins left over that I couldn't stand to go to waste so I did the same with some silk gauze (no picture here but trust me, it is just as gorgeous!)  This experience just makes me want to do more with nature's bounty.