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Monday, October 06, 2008

So Much Information . . . .

There is just so much going on now - as I head down to my book deadline - I'm bursting at the seams with all the things I've learned refining the projects for my book - one good lesson worth learning for all of us when we are inspired by a beautiful project -- more than likely it has been a process for the designer as nothing seems to work out perfectly the first time - the ideas may be in your head - but trying to achieve what you'd like takes a lot of practice of trial and error before success - BUT when success is achieved after striving so hard, it is such a good and satisfying feeling.

This inspirational rose is only one in a box of cards for breast cancer awareness and the artist has done a spectacular job; trying to achieve the same effect in a flat piece of felt is another matter but one I felt was worth a try.
Here is the rose fiber mix.

Here is a "bunch" of roses ready for my project and finishing touches! Wish I could show you more -- I'm very excited this morning as my Rose Gauze wrap turned out spectacular after working very hard for two whole days! Even though you'll have to wait a while, you'll get to try these techniques too once my book is finalized.

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