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Monday, July 26, 2010

New Blog Look & Show

Blogger has a few new template offerings - and I just fell in love with the "watercolor" background I've changed to. Something about watercolor to inspire the creative juices every time; I was so delighted to find it as I'd seen it on another Blog and wondered how on earth to do something similar - well it had been readily available and when I found it (or did it find me?) I just couldn't resist; have to play around with changing the font color though when I get more time.

Andi and I have been invited to show and sell some of our work at a small gallery in the Hauser Estate wine shop right in the hear of Gettysburg.
I'm not a painter by any means but have had an idea for a couple of years now and have been playing around using various mediums as a background on which to mount my small felt pieces; this could be a new venture as I find it to be quite fascinating. For the background of this piece I used Liquitex "Resin Sand" mixed with acrylic paint; I thought it was finished a couple of weeks ago but everytime I'd walk past it, I'd feel as though it needed "something" on the bare wall. Painted some tiny flowers to repeat the felted flowers on the other side and that was all it took!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Be On the Lookout - Upcoming Sale!

Be sure to be on the lookout for a great summer "Snippets" and hand-dyed silk sale within a few days. I need to really make room here and am not planning to do to any shows for the forseeable future. All the wool, silk and bits and pieces are from my personal stash and materials left over from my many (many!) colorful projects.

New Felt Work

I've been invited to present some work alongside my daughter Andi who does some wonderful painting at at gallery in Gettysburg. The pieces need to be hung so I've been experimenting with how to best present my felt without having to actually surround it with a frame which I think would be distracting so I've been experimenting like a mad woman with various ways to have the frame be an extension of the subject. I'm really pleased with the results and have learned a lot; hope it's well received -- we'll see. I only had a couple of weeks (which translates to weekends for me) to prepare and luckily I only need to provide a few pieces.

Just finished felted the "green" piece and will decide how to best surround it this afternoon.

Here is piece number 2 which is surrounded by hand dyed silk waste embedded in the Gesso. I really like the flower on the right.

Recognize this? It's the piece I made for the tutorial, cut up and redone a little and now I like it so much better and hope they do at the show as well!

What I've Been Up To . . . .

New Felted Laptop Bag for my Macbook Pro!

This is the front

The back

The inside

First of all, just the day before I left on my trip to Texas, my laptop decided to go on the "blink." I couldn't resist getting an Apple Macbook Pro and I just love it. It's lightweight and the software will make it easy for me to redo my website that I've put off changing for so long - the truth is that the present website I have is quite difficult to work on. I'm able to go to classes at the Apple Store at lunchtime any time I need help, so there are no excuses left other than lack of time --the store is just around the corner from my work! To carry it to class, I made a sturdy felted case that fits like a glove using a resist; there are two pockets inside -- one for the laptop and the other for my notebook.