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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I feel sooo lucky to have won the first prize at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival for my blue shawl (pictured below). This festival is by far my favorite. For those who love color, fiber and animals, it is pure balm for the soul. Whenever I travel and teach I always let everyone know just how much fun it is (no wonder it is becoming so crowded!) -- I truly plan my May "life" around it! Besides, it takes place about 10 minutes from my home! There were some pre-festival workshops and I took a dyeing class that was to "dye" for! Thanks to the instructor Carol and to the students on either side for putting up with me -- I can get pretty focused and took way too much fiber to dye. I'm posting a picture of the finished Apricot Shrug that began as Apricot "fluff" earlier in the blog.