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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Speaking of Being Busy . . . MFS Coming UP!

My darling husband is going to set up a photo studio for me - but in the meantime these pics will have to do - a small sampling of what YOU can learn at the Midwest Felting Symposium - Embellishers will be provided!

A Busy (Felting) Life is a Happy Life!

A whirlwind in June - our family vacation with all of the grandchildren and my soon to be 89-year-old Mom enjoying life at a private beach in Virginia - then home a couple of days before a fabulous workshop with Charity from the Netherlands.  I've been a long-time admirer of hers and we'd made a connection on-line but I never dreamt that I'd be fortunate enough to meet her in person, nevermind being able to take one of her classes - what an inspiration and delight she is!

Some of my friends belong to an exclusive felting group that meet during the week - well I work during the week but besides that, they have no room for another person so when I found out that they were having Charity come I practically begged to be part of it - luckily for me, one of them was unable to make it so I got to take her place (happy dance!). 

Since I found out about it, I'd been collecting fabric, wool and embellishments - I always love to stretch myself and do something really different for me when given the opportunity.  My inspiration fabric was a lovely yellow chiffon with aqua blue flowers - I had also taken an aqua sari as well as a deeper saffron sari (been collecting them for a while) and a selection of lovely fine laces, silk ribbon trims and a great find at a thrift shop - a saffron top comprised of netting and beading which I promptly cut up to use - mainly on the center back of the coat which gives it just the right touch of glimmer.  I love, love, love, working with tone on tone and then adding touches in another colorway.  My original intention was to have it aqua on one side and the yellow/aqua on the other but the aqual sari was not quite wide enough so the creative spirit took over and the coat became yellow - before I added the deeper aqua touches, I was a little worried that I'd end up looking like a canary!

We had an opportunity to try on Charity's samples and when I tried on her white wool and cashmere winter coat - I simply swooned!  . . .  and guess what?  It is all mine to fondle and enjoy- she let me purchase it from her!  what a treasure and elegant work of art!!!   Thank you Charity for sharing your talent with us - I don't think I've ever learned so much from one person.