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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dyeing for Felting

About two weeks ago, I spent just about the whole week dyeing outside - I have a great little setup now right outside our shed, under the overhang; my clever and always industrious husband, Peter, even managed to run water out there and installed a laundry tub!  All my supplies are close at hand in the shed and it is very easy to get carried away - and carried away I did - over 50 yards of silk and cotton varieties.  Here are some pictures, although I must say that my photography leaves a lot to be desired but for the present, I'd rather work on being a master of felting and dyeing rather than a master of photography as much as I love and appreciate good pictures - maybe one day I will do better.  There are a ton of pinks/red/fuchsia/orange too but this week time is of the essence in preparation for my trip to Opulent Fibers next week so no time for more pictures!