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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sunny Daffodils

After a glorious and restful week with family at a very quiet beach I'm back and ready for more felting - I considered taking some projects with me but decided against it and just enjoy being with my family (our adorable grand-daughters are at a great age) and get lost in a couple of great books.

I've been experimenting making shibori daffodils but then I didn't know what to do with them - so here is the result so they wouldn't go to waste - a little sunny daffodil picture. The materials used are wool, silk, bamboo fiber for the background. Wool nepps are the white in the background and the leaves and some petals are silk chiffon leftover snippets - it all created a wonderful mix of texture.

I made some progress on my large bag before I left and do have a couple of progress pictures, but these will have to wait -- until next time . . . . .

Monday, June 15, 2009


The inspiration for this colorway was berries - all kinds: raspberries, blueberries, strawberries - fluffy tall stacks and stacks of silk hankies, wool nepps (tiny dots in the foreground) tiny silky wool locks and silk waste and combed top pictured below.

The beginnings of a very LARGE seamless felt bag made with "Berries" and a few pieces of silk and velvet - it's color looks pale in comparison but it has lots of soap in it and the color will deepen when it's rinsed out. Of course, it won't be that big when it's finished being felted - began with 28" x 24" and I expect it to shrink by 25% at least. Lots more rolling and rubbing to go! I'll have to ponder the handle but it will need to be sturdy that is for certain.
Since I'm going to Houston in October to promote my book "More Needle Felting Magic", I'll need a bag to carry all the goodies I'll bring back. Last time I went, Jenni, our youngest daughter went as my helper and "model" - this time, since she's busy with a new baby I'm hopeful that her sister, Andrea, will be able to get away from her girls, husband, dogs and horses for a couple of days to share in the fun - that will be no easy feat!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Shibori Play

Yesterday was such a gorgeous day here in Maryland - I had a great time playing and experimenting with dyeing. This is a piece of silk chiffon that I'm going to use for some nuno felt later this week. The raspberry wool and teal silk I hope to use was the inspiration for these colors. Although it's a little darker than I usually prefer, the fabric is so sheer that it is difficult to capture it's beauty in a photograph.

Dyeing Fun Secret

I can't say yet, but I'm working on something so that you too can have fun dyeing with very little mess or effort! Stay tuned and as soon as I'm able let you know how and where, I will!

Tiny Tomato

Last week, my friend Kathy, generously shared some techniques she learned at a recent class - so I had the opportunity to make this tiny tomato bag complete with a seamless space around the top where you can thread a cord (still need to find a suitable one!). When gathered, the leaves become close together and it looks just like a tomato!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Making More Needle Felting Magic

Here's the cover of the new book! Won't be available until September 7 but it can be pre-ordered on Amazon!

After Felting

After felting and what I learned: The batt I used for the background included a mix of fiber including mohair and although it was really gorgeous, the fibers came through the finer merino flowers during the wet felting process some of which was good (the background flowers are very soft) and some not so good since it muted the vibrant pink of the larger flowers. The curls around the edges are quite effective and I love the added texture.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Proud Mom

I just can't begin to tell you what wonderful and caring children we have - Ian, our very creative son who was the middle child and who is now a GREAT Dad and husband, Jennifer the youngest who is now a wife and PROUD new Mom and Andrea, our very CREATIVE eldest daughter, wife and Mom to two girls, two (big) dogs and her horse, Dancer. She recently updated her blog (follow the link above) and I thought it may touch many of you - especially those with young children or grandchildren. If you read it, you'll see why she makes all of us so happy.