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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day and Night

I've got a great thing going - in my studio, in the garden, pool late afternoon and/or gallivanting and/or visiting the family during the day; doing prep work for some easy felting or stitching while watching tv with my husband in the evening (when we are not out and about).  I hope to have a whole bouquet of flowers by the first weekend of October; I've made four so far and already given one away as a thank you to the person who organizes our Habersham knitting (social) group.  Didn't get a picture of the pink one but I'm sure there will be many more.  These are lariat necklaces which are perfect for the Southern woman - a blossom arranged around her delicate neck while she sips her sweet tea (wine!) under the palmettos and crescent moon - hahahaha! I've been reading too many Southern novels so fun!

Anyway, still stuck on Joomchi (layers of delicious mulberry paper rolled together with nothing but water and then manipulated with your hands)  which is one of the other things I do in the evening as I have to be busy doing something with my hands to be happy.  I visited the Savannah Dick Blick store (what a treasure trove of everything an artists loves!) and spent some time with the resident artist brainstorming about the best way to display my Joomchi for the FAB (Fiber Arts Beaufort) and now I cant wait to see how my ideas will transfer into reality- stay tuned for more!

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Green FanciFull Vest

Here is another FanciFull vest - so fun to make one or two pieces of felt, cut it/them up and stitch creativly back together - there is so much leeway; you can choose to seam a lot or a little depending on what you want to do; you can make it long or short, add a collar or not, use silk to bind the edges if the organic look isn't really for you.  It is fun and creative just to go along with the flow adding pieces here and there.

This one, however, has absolutely taken me forever to finish because I began it right after I finished six weeks of physical therapy because I very stupidly did something that caused me to fall flat on my back and then just when I was better, somehow I injured something in my ankle and it was so hard to stand for any length of time to layout the design - it wasn't really enjoyable and very frustrating because once I get started, there is nothing I love more than to let the design process take over but I just couldn't think straight . . . then there was travel and I brought my darling mom home here to SC for a week's vacation and she just left last Tuesday.  It is hard to be creative on demand so I just got back into feltmaking late last week and now I'm raring to go with a zillions ideas.  My fiber group is going to have a show/sale in early October, so my goal is to create something towards it each day and to try some new things.