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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year Fun Felt Flower Tutorial

A gift for my readers and friends to thank all of you.

This felt flower is fun and easy to create and really beautiful! An experiment that worked out well.

Ready? Here we go . . . .

1. select a good length of some wide wired ribbon (inexpensive in craft shops)

2. REMOVE the wire from one side

3. choose some complimentary or contrasting wool/roving and machine-needle felt it along the side without the wire

4. place the ribbon in soapy water and roll until the wool has shrunk and is very well felted - no loose fibers - your ribbon will have gathered!

5. Begin with a tight roll and stitch the bottom to hold in place; continue stitching the ribbon around the roll and tuck in the end raw edge.

6. Stitch on a pin back and there you go! a quick and easy embellishement!


  1. Love your work. Off to buy your books

  2. You are Brilliant Margo!! I have wondered if wired ribbon might work and now you have shown us that it does!! Thanks you so much !! XO!!!

  3. Ribbon like that is made of wool and will felt? I want to do this but I am confused.

  4. donaleen, no that ribbon is synthetic material with wool roving machine needle felted along one side where the wire has been removed - then you can felt!