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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

This crazy quilt square is an ongoing work in progress -- the fabrics are a mix of quilting cotton, silk/rayon velvet and hand dyed silk pieces Embellished on to water soluble stabilizer. I enjoy doing hand work in the evening so it is far from complete -- I've begun in one corner using some simple stitches in matching hues with just a dash of an introductory color.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

These pins were made from some materials left over from another project. Lime green silk chiffon needle felted on to scraps of wool felt with some bright pink curls and a little glitter -- these would be great for a fast gift or would make a fabulous package decoration when coordinated with the wrapping paper.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The next piece is named "tutti frutti" because it's mainly citrus colors with a little blue. I love the orange/yellow/blue combination. For the details, I added some simple french knots with a row of sequins below.

I've been working on a few new fabric samples - "Poppy" is the first was made using some velvet burnout in delicious colorways from Flights of Fancy. I like having some pieces ready to embellish with beads or hand work while I sit with my husband in the evening.

Next is a piece named "violets" and was made using velvets, silks and ribbon yarns. You have to forgive me for the incorrect order -- haven't quite got the hang of it yet but I'll eventually figure it out!

The flowers on the green bag were made using a delicious thick and thin yarn in bright pink, red, orange and just a touch of green. The petals were needle felted on to netting, torn off and needle felted in place. Next, I cut tiny pieces of the red and Embellished them along a green yarn "stem" to add some detail -- it looks very soft and has a watercolor look to it.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

HURRAH! My manuscript for my upcoming book "Needle Felting Magic" is finally finished. Although it is a small book meant to tweak the interest and provide some basic information, it will have five projects that are fun and easy to do. If everything goes as planned, it will be introduced in the Fall 2007. I worked on it every spare moment between working so I really didn't have much spare time to post but I promise to do better now. My dear Internet friend, Phyllis, has been very patiently prodding me every so often to get back -- Phyllis, this one's for you!

Remember the October post? I have a basketful of these delicious Caribbean green scrumbles but they are being very stubborn by not "telling" me what to do with them; I needle and wet felted some fabric to match but I've given up pairing the two. Today, I decided to put away the scrumbles and forget about them for a while -- I think I've been working with them too long and need a break to try something new. I decided to make a bag with the fabric and adorn it with some very bright pink felted flowers -- here are the beginning stages and I'll add posts as I progress.

The flowers were created by embellishing thick and thin yarn - roving would work just as well) on to netting (in this case sparkle tulle) When each petal was finished, rather than cut it out, I just gently pulled away the netting and used my Embellisher to needle felt it in place on my felted fabric. I made several of these colorful fantasy flowers and surrounded them with some lovely robin egg blue crimpy curls fluffed out in places. I plan to add some machine stitching -- note the butterfly who doesn't yet have any antennae -- her wings are needle felted too!