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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Beginning of Bling . . . The Pink Poodle -- WOW

Susan McFarland, Susan's Fiber Shop, arranged with Beth Testa, owner of the Pink Poodle in Madison, Wisconsin, to host my Trunk Show.  Beth kindly transported everything and by the time I arrived, had artfully arranged everything in preparation.  Her husband, Joe, was the perfect host and dispenser of wine, but the real star of the show by far was Halle, their wonderful white pet poodle, complete with pink fascinator and painted nails :-)  I was truly in awe of Halle and their shop!  We crowded quite a few in their spacious quarters surrounded by upscale clothes, sparkling jewelry and interesting furnishings and I met more wonderful people (mostly felters) than I could possibly mention here.  One of them, Linsey, from North Dakota, was so fascinated by the Fascinators that she modeled a different one every day and she looked so adorable wearing them and loved every minute of it.  We named her "Tinker Bell" as she flitted around sprinkling happiness in every class every day!

Beth truly made me feel like the "Queen" picking me up in her BMW converible with the top town and whizzing me (and my friend Pat Smith one evening) off to dinner and to a private opening of her shop a few nights.  Beth thinks that she and I were twins separated at birth since we both love fancy things - but I must say she outweighs me by far in the "bling" department; she has such style and access to what seemed zillions of jewels, silk, satin and furs - and knows just what to do with them ooooh, the fun!  With Beth's help, I'm making progress with the "bling" as I came hope with quite a few treasures and tips on how to wear them.I'm hoping that I'll have access to more pictures as students post them.

MFS: Special Times; Special Friends

I had such a busy time sharing Embellisher techniques with my students at the MFS that I forgot to take many pictures!  Very naughty; I have to do better next time and I will!  These happy pictures were taken one evening after a (another) full day relaxing afterward with Pamela MacGregor, Suzanne Higgs and Anna Gunnarsdittir (hope I spelled your name correctly Anna).  Actually there were a couple more but the lady in the booth behind us probably had more wine that we did and took a few pictures of the ceiling vents instead of us!   Every evening was enjoyable but I don't need pictures to remember the really fun night with Pam de Groot and Regina Doseth at the Jamaican restaurant recommended by Pam.  To be surrounded by such talent is daunting and I how I wish I could have taken the eco dyeing/felting with Pam de Groot or the nuno dress class with Regina - their work was so gorgeous.  I was fortunate enough to be able to take Suzanne's really fun dyeing class and had already taken Pam MacGregor's memorable felt vessel class (her tiny teapots are amazing).    Suzanne provided me with one of her nuno tops to embellish - so watch for more to come on that.