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Thursday, January 01, 2009


For those of you not familiar with Scottish culture, it is said that whatever you do on New Year's Day, you will do the rest of the year; that meant that no matter what, I needed to make time to felt since that is what I am obsessed with - it seems I can never get enough. The piece is still wet so the stitching is dark; I'll try to post another once it has dried. It consists of prefelt, mohair, wool, velvet, silk shibori ribbon, silk scraps all layered and then stitched. Once wet felted, it shrunk considerably (as it should) and it is a nice hard felt although I added a little hair conditioner as I always do to the rinse which adds a "silky" touch. Although difficult to tell from the photograph, the circles are pronounced with some actually quite "poufed". I plan to make a "thank you" pillow for someone special.

Back to the Scottish culture and the wonderful memories I had while growing up - there were other New Year's traditions too - the house had to be clean, the bills paid, the shopping finished before New Year's Eve. While Christmas was mainly for the childen, New Years celebration "Hogmaney" was for adults and indeed they did know how to have a good time singing and dancing. If the "First Foot" (the first person to walk through your door from the outside after midnight) was tall, dark and handsome, you could expect good luck the rest of the year; he had to leave a silver coin. Every year, when I hear "For Auld Lang Syne", I can't help but think about Rabbie (Robert) Burns, the Scottish poet who wrote it - I'm sure in his wildest dreams, he had no idea that it would become the traditional song of New Year sung throughout the world every year.


  1. A Beautiful piece of felt - I wish you success with another year of felting. Speaking of Scottish traditions we were invited to our friends house yesterday for dinner - the man of the house is Scottich and every year on New Years Days since the lady and man of the house were married it has been the tradition to serve meat pie with neeps (nips! whatever..) and tatties - is that a Scottich tradition in general or just in some families - what ever it was very nice and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My husband missed out as he now has the flu that I had in the run up to Christmas!!! (next year perhaps!)

  2. Oh yes! I know about neeps (nips) and tatties! I also know about a taste of Ginger wine (no alcohol) with shortbread - very special when you are 10 years old!

    Hope your husband is better now.

    I checked out your blog and love your work!

  3. 2009 looks to be an interesting year-
    my personal touchstone theme will be impermanence. it all started with the last pieces I was working on in 2008 and seems to be carrying over into the new year.

    check out my new calendar when you get a wishes- glennis

  4. Ok Glennis - I did check out your calendar and . . . . it is gorgous (as is all of your work) so I just HAD to have one!

    What is this last piece your worked on?

  5. Anonymous9:40 PM

    This is gorgeous!

  6. Oh dear! I made a bad start, I did nothing but slob out on New Year's Day and I was in a stroppy mood too! Must do better for the rest of the year.

    Your felt is gorgeous btw. Happy New Year!

  7. Beautiful piece, makes me smile!

  8. oh I just began machine stitching and can so appreciate your work. I try not to be jealous or greedy in wanting a new machine. We all have different talents, abilities and executions of such.. YOU have done well.

  9. Thanks Nicole and Debra!