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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Why I Haven't Been Posting

Knitking Bulky 260

. . . . Knitting Machines! I acquired two knitting machines from my dear friend, Jean, who was looking for a good home for them and she knew I'd take good care of them - but I confess I was very intimidated and didn't even know what I had when my husband pulled all these components out of the (many) boxes. For those of you who don't know anything about knitting machines like me a month ago - these are the most sought after and sometimes good ones can be hard to find since Brother stopped making them some time ago. I've always wanted one but never really knew their capabilities until I began reading and searching on-line and now I'm so excited! One of them is a Knitking Bulky 260 with punch cards to enable patterns, the other was still brand new in the unopened, stapled box and is a Compuknit IV which is a completely computerized machine with over 500 patterns built in. Not only did I get the machines but all of the accessories that are available including the ribbers for each and the G carriage (which will knit the garter stitch without assistance) but lots of other goodies as well. I bought gorgeous wool yarn to make a bag on the Bulky and then "full" in the washing machine for my first project but I've been busy getting ready for an event this weekend at the Frederick Center for the Arts that I'm doing with my felting friend, Christine of

Compknit IV (computerized 500+ patterns)

Ribber attachments for each machine.

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