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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cuff and Samples for Etsy

I've begun making some things for my Etsy store and love the colors in this cuff - the base is a gorgeous blue silk Dupioni with lots of tiny purly curls from my stash machined into the background with vibrant pink flowers on green vines. All it needs now is some hand embroidery and/or beads and a closure to finish it.

Since I love to experiment and have soooo many samples (would take toooo many hours to go through these for my trunk show) so I've decided to sell some of these on Etsy including my red vest - I love it and learned so much from making it but I just can't keep everything. My trunk show (3 containers full) just won't hold any more so I'm going to have to be brutal and send some of it to new homes. Stay tuned.


  1. waitnig eagerly to look at your cast-offs!

  2. Thank you Katherine - the "real" job has had my close attention for the past week or so but I'm getting there!