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Monday, December 21, 2009

Felt Playmat

I'd planned to make a warm blanket for Win when we took him out on the antique sleigh we had stored in the attic but as I began work, I thought about how practical that would be when he goes home to SC. I then decided to make a rug that would double as a playmat. He loves "Thomas" and trucks so I thought it might be fun to have something to pretend with. It's a good size 3' x 4' and quite thick, in fact too thick for me to manipulate well while wet so I stuck it in the bathtub and "stomped" on it - I felt like Lucille Ball stomping on her grapes! It was a riot, but it worked great! (glad my husband didn't take a picture) It lays really flat and has a lovely texture that you can't quite see if the photo. It had five layers of wool before the surface decorations were added. As you can see, there is a railroad, a little road, a pond, clouds, tiny birds (hard to tell on the photo), tree, houses, sun and a hill. When he is older, he can play trains, cars, boats or people. I'm so pleased with it - now it just has to dry

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