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Wednesday, August 09, 2017


 I also love to create Joomchi, although it requires a lot of patience to acquire this skill.  Joomchi is Korean papermaking using mulberry paper.  I took a mini workshop some years ago with Saaraliisa Ylitalo who did a presentation for our Potomac Fiber Guild and I became hooked.  I have received some interest from others wanting to learn and will teach a workshop in Charleston on September 23 - very excited!   The top piece is very delicate and I do love to experiment - I have created bowls also and continue to experiment.

These are book covers - and I water colored some inside book plates before adding the signature pages.  Patience pays off and very much like felting with wool, your hands have to learn as much as your head does!


  1. (would like to feel it in my hands .... ;-) ....)

  2. I guess I've missed the info. Can you expand on the workshop you're doing in Charleston.