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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Felting in Circles

Circles, circles everywhere circles.

I splurged on a gorgeous piece of silk from EmmaOneSock and it looks like a gorgeous garden with a field of flowers sprinkled all over the top with shades of mossy green along the bottom. It got the creative juices flowing and so I felted it on to a mixed green silk/merino blend. I placed a band of the wool/silk roving along the bottom and added small circles of color to mimic the flowers in the silk; I had intended to make a couple of more pieces of felt in this colorway to use for a jacket which would mean I'd have to cut it up but the feedback from more than one person is to leave it the way it is for a wall hanging - we'll have to wait and see what the "muse" decides once I add some stitching around the flowers :-) It was a really fun and interesting piece of felt to make.

A variety of color coordinated silks and enhancements from my stash - more circles of course.

Some tiny circle flowers to match those in the fabric.

Here is the inspiration fabric although the indoor lighting just doesn't do it justice.


  1. this is incredibly beautiful~

  2. Beautiful! Thank you so much for the beautiful goodies.Forgive me for not responding sooner. Life became hectic but I'm gaining control again. I am working on something special for you.

  3. Very Very beautiful. SUPER!

  4. This is one of the MOST gorgeous pieces of fabrics I have EVER laid my eyes on, Margo!!You were so right to get it......AND you knew just what to DO with it! Oh, it's all so beautiful... thanks for sharing these photos, and let us know its progression in your talented hands!

  5. Wonderful colors!!!

  6. Have just discovered your blog...your work is superb.You are an incredibly talented person.

  7. Thanks everyone! Shirley - be sure to visit again - sorry I'm remiss in thanking you but we were away in Hilton Head, SC !!! Good to get away and good to get home again :-)

  8. I love, love, love this!!

  9. You are sooo kind! I did make a vest that I loved and donated it to a breast cancer fundraiser :-) someone beautiful purchased it and I hope she is wearing it in good health as she helped some others get screened :-)