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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Bag

My wrist cast is OFF! Haven't had a lot of time lately as my Mom has been ill and I still must "favor" my wrist for a couple of weeks. Even though I haven't been able to felt or use my machines quite yet, I managed to finish this bag which was my very first project on the Brother 260. When you "full" (shrink in the washing machine) knitted wool it shrinks quite a bit and I wanted this bag to be a really firm and hard fabric so I washed it twice and it shrunk at least 50%. A crochet ruffled flower in seafoam with orange mohair ruffly edging was added to spice things up as well as a little of the same color along the top edge; the leaf was a piece of felt leftover from a previous project. The lining is a lovely orange/gold upholstery fabric and I added plenty of pockets.


  1. Glad you are rid of your wrist cast! Your new bag is pretty...just in time for Spring! I hope your mother is feeling better each day.

  2. I remember the freedom I felt when my wrist cast was removed! Take it easy, and best wishes to your Mom. I love your new bag!

  3. glad your cast is off and i hope you can soon find time and inspiration to get back on track. the bag is adorable.

  4. I found your blog when you followed my blog. Margo, your work is *amazing*. What artistry! I am in awe.