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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hunger or a Burst . . .

New/improved colorway
 My Mom often uses this terminology and how true it is in life with many things; regarding creativity for example, one day not being inspired at all to the next filled with so many ideas floating around that it is just about impossible to catch them all and so it goes with my Blog - sometimes nothing for weeks and then all of a sudden a rush of posts. It just seems that we are meant to "go with the flow." I'd rather spend the time creating something than spend it on the computer but then I realize that time has gotten away from me and that if I've made the decision to have a Blog, I'd better get to it! and it is true that we all have the same 24 hours in a day and it is up to us how we use it - isn't it a luxury to have such wonderful options? Anyway, this is what I've been up to for the past few weeks.

I came close to ruining the yellow coat/dress made in Charity's workshop this summer.  I decided that if it the colorway was more muted then I could wear it with a turleneck and boots so never one to leave well enough alone, I took the plunge and dyed it in my huge copper pot using euco and rusty bits - what a learning experience that was and one I've learned a lot from and one I'll never forget!!!  While the copper pot is great for most things, the coat turned an awful, awful draaaaaaaby hideous green, so then I did some research to find out how to remove some color; well it turns out that it isn't that easy because the copper/iron molecules do something to the wool so that wouldn't work.  The only option? (couldn't stand that shade green and I do normally adore green)  I dyed it again, this time in a heavy enamel coated cast iron pot using charcoal grey acid dye and now I'm quite "chuffed" as they say!  It is probably more bronze than the picture shows but I'm so please with the "shades of grey" of the various laces that were incorporated into it.  (Great BIG sigh of relief!)  I could have made three coats by now!

Original Coat/Dress


  1. Beautiful coat,stunning work, Margo!

  2. I love your new color! Enjoy wearing it~

  3. Margo, frankly, with your complexion, I think you could wear any color and look fantastic. I like both colors.