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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Just Cant Stop This - More Eco Dyeing Experiments

rust, leaves, washer, flower petals
Ever searching for the elusive bright orange print
but learning lots along the way and I am about to have a variety of euca from  more sources so who knows - I now understand clearly (and it makes sense) that lots depend not only on the species but location, time of year, even individual trees.  In the meantime, I am immensely enjoying the journey. 

I know some who object to India Flint claiming her right for introducing euca prints but let me tell you as an author, no one, and I mean no one has done more extensive research, experimenting and compiling experience in such rich comprehensive books.  To me she is a marvel and I appreciate reading both of her books and making new discoveries based on her knowledge.  

Don't get me wrong, but there are others along the way that have contributed to my excitement and passion as well through their own work and generosity regarding methods and resources. 
euca leaves euca bath

I am so grateful for the time to just play with these ideas and one day perhaps I will open a bundle and find that bright orange.  This has become almost a daily ritual and given me new eyes always alert for something to bundle and each time, I learn more.  

I am not good at keeping a notebook - yet; but I have promised myself to do just that.  Only I don't much like cutting up my prints so perhaps the way to get around that is to include just a small piece of the same each time I bundle just for my book.
different variety of euca leaves - love, love the patterning

more euca leaves


  1. wonderful textures in your results!

  2. I did get an orange colour print using silver dollar eucypt,and white vinegar as a mordant, this is the plant that florists use,hope this helps Pippa

  3. I got an orange leaf point using silver dollar eucypt and white vinegar as a mordant,this is the leaf that florists use hope this helps Pippa