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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

This crazy quilt square is an ongoing work in progress -- the fabrics are a mix of quilting cotton, silk/rayon velvet and hand dyed silk pieces Embellished on to water soluble stabilizer. I enjoy doing hand work in the evening so it is far from complete -- I've begun in one corner using some simple stitches in matching hues with just a dash of an introductory color.


  1. this is sew beautiful! as everything you do is... you are sew talented...wish I could attend one of your classes...maybe someday...

  2. I love the block! The colors are those I really enjoy. I love CQing, too. I'm curious why you use water soluable backing.

  3. I love using water soluble backing because this piece is a mix of various weights of fabric from nearly shear to velve and when it is used as a base I can embellish the various weights and then stitch without it shifting and when washed out each piece a great surprise, as you never know what the effect will be. In this case it is a very light weight and almost "airy" piece suitable for a fabulous pillow top that would surely make a statement. I won't do that as this sample is part of my trunk show and it is much easier to ship!