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Friday, July 25, 2014

Lacy Nuno Sampler Top

 Some new work this week.  After working with tons of color, I decided to work with white.  I  gathered my stash of laces that I've been collecting for a while to see what I could do - some I purchased and some was given to me by kind friends who understand my obsessions :-)

This is a really light and airy piece is full of delicious texture due to three varieties of cotton gauze and about seven laces combined with silk gauze for the base and 15 micron merino.  I also had some baby fine teeny Blueface Leicester curls which makes it soooo fun!  I'm really pleased with it, and the weight is wonderful for wearing in the South even in summer.

Planning to create a lot more as soon as I find more lovely lace - what better way to showcase than in a lacy nuno sampler.


  1. So beautiful! Light, delicate, gorgeous texture.

  2. Thank you jenclair - love comments :-)

  3. So rich texture and beautiful. Really love your nuno felt with lace. A wedding gown of it would be gorgeous.

  4. Thank you Terriea! I thought the same thing - need to find some nice soft lace yardage! Any ideas, let me know by the time I collect enough pieces, I will be too old to felt!

  5. So beautiful. It could also be used in a beautiful christening gown.

  6. I really really love this!