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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Latest Endeavor

This top took SO much rolling and rubbing but the end result is well worth it - fits my daughter like a glove and she'll wear it to the Friday evening reception in Pittsburgh - still have to do a rolled hem around the scarf to wear with it. The picture doesn't really do justice to the fine silk habotai with the ruffled hem along one side - it's layered although it doesn't show up in the picture. Tiny curls were added to the top portion and I'm planning to add some more fancy touches to the bodice - needed to set it aside for a bit since I've been working with it so much lately.


  1. I think it's stunning!! Fabulous design, great color!

  2. Love the colors... I always find it most challenging making something for a specific person rather then just playing with the wool and silk and seeing what happens .

  3. Looks beautyful!

  4. I love it - what a lucky daughter you have.

  5. Can you adopt me or is 45 a little old?

  6. Oh thank you ladies - you are so kind!

    hahahaha Jacinta - turns out my daughter IS 47!!! I'd actually like to wear it myself but my better inner self tells me "don't be daft"!

    I worked on it a little more adding just a few pinwheel flowers below the shoulders and hemmed the scarf - can't seem to get a good picture though; the lighting makes the pink wool look garish