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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My "Rosy Posy" sweater! A few years ago I knitted a ribbon yarn sweater which I absolutely love; HOWEVER, I noticed that each time I wore it, the sleeves "grew.' To prevent this next time around, I'll knit the ribbon together with a fine yarn. This past weekend I finally took the time to fix it since I just couldn't wear it the way it was anymore. The solution was to measure the sleeve and mark where it would be cut and machine stitch three rows around each sleeve before (bravely) cutting them off below the stitching. As you can see from the ruler, the sleeves were 6" too long!

I decided to needle and wet felt a cuff using a Vilene base, silk chiffon, wool roving, silk velvet and some of the same ribbon yarn. I also used some free motion stitching before wet felting it. I couldn't be more pleased with the results of my "Rosy Posy" sweater!


  1. Oh, how I know what you mean about a favorite sweater stretching like that, good that you have fixed the problem. Another lovely piece, love the colors.

  2. This same technique could be used to adorn a plain long sleeved shirt! Just a fancy touch -- what fun!