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Friday, February 22, 2008

It's been that kind of day! I thought it might be helpful to understand the various thought processes and steps involved with creating a piece. I knew my tulip piece needed some more detail but when I'm working so intensely on a piece, sometimes it feels as though I've poured out all my creativity and I need to let it "simmer" for a while and go back to it later with a new perspective. I've added some faded blue "watercolor" flowers in the background and a butterfly in a monochromatic hand-dyed mottled silk which doesn't show up too well in the picture but adds just the right soft touch. I wanted to enhance the tulip which is the main focus and a butterfly with too much color would have caused distraction.


  1. Margo, you've added JUST what the tulips piece needed to set off those wonderful pinks!You were just born with that natural talent of choosing luscious colorways, Your
    Majesty!Thanks for sharing with your "subjects"!

  2. Aunt Margo! I sadly had no idea you were such an amazing artist. Mom (Judy) was just telling me how excited she was to get your book. Congratulations! I had to get right over here an see what you were up to.
    I was lucky enough to get to see Uncle Charles and Aunt Maureen when my husband and I visited Europe in 2006. Maybe now that I'm in NY I'll get a chance to visit with you and Uncle Pete in the future!
    Best of luck with your projects,

  3. OH my....I am so glad I found you! What wonderful work! Your linked girl.

  4. Lisa! how fun to see you here! I'm sure you are as clever and creative as your Mom!

    Terisa - thanks for the compliments -- keep tuned for more postings soon!

  5. what a lovely blog, wibderful creatons creation.

  6. This is sooooo gorgeous - just love it!

  7. Oh ,wow this is so beautiful!!Did you all needle felt it??

  8. Yes! It is all needle and then wet felted! Great fun!

  9. You make wonderful objects. Seemed like walked away out of a fairy tale.
    Regards, Sandra