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Monday, February 11, 2008

This past weekend was spent playing. Our daughter, Jenni, visited from SC just to play! For two whole days we felted; the first day we made wool scarves in a soft green with blue accents. Jenni added some mauve and fuchia to hers which created a watercolor effect - it is really gorgeous! My flowers are blue as I plan to add some special accents using my machine!
The next day, Saturday, began by dyeing silk a soft aqua to match some roving in my stash. We each created a nuno felted wrap that is very delicate with soft ruffles. It was worth all the hard work and is such a magical process. Thanks to my friend, Kathy, for teaching me how! No matter what I do, my approach is to begin with a tone-on-tone effect and then add accents. My scarf/wrap is calling me to add some very delicate needle-felted flowers (pansies?). I can see them in my mind's eye but I'm not sure how I'm going to accomplish this -- yet!


  1. Yet MORE luscious pieces you and daughter made!Is the "wrap" the soft blue sheer "bubbled" piece above w/the center "felted"?It's SO gorgeous!You are so kind and generous and inspiring to others!Thank you.......

  2. Phyllis, the blue piece is silk gauze and is simply wet felted -- no needles involved at all although I'd like to add some dainty needle felted appliques to it so I can add it to my trunk show :-)