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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Yesterday and today, we've had ice (never good) so I had a chance to work on this piece while waiting for the temperature to rise enough so I can drive to work -- it actually looks better in real life because you can really see the different textures that don't show up well here.


  1. It's very beautiful. I love colours and design.

  2. I love this pink floral piece!How large is it?
    Your needle-painting on top with details makes all the wonderful difference;thanks for sharing once again!

  3. gorgeous! I am glad you got to spend some time with your daughter.

  4. This is drop your jaws georgeous!!!! I love everything about it!!! Amazing work!

  5. Coming from you Sammy, that means a lot! I KNOW how clever YOU are! Thanks so much. Ice again today too bad I had to stay home again ;-)

    I've been trying to "tweak" the iris piece -- I keep trying to get a more realistic look -- I'll post new pictures sometime soon.

  6. This is amazing -- I went to do a new post and found all except Sammy in a blogger folder to be moderated -- you all must think me to be soooo ungrateful!

    Dear Phyllis asked how large the pink piece is -- it's about 12 x 8 and the reason that I wet felt it after stitching is for two reasons: The stitching adds so much interest and definition;as the wool shrinks, the details "pop" but the end result can be unknown and is quite exciting!