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Monday, September 01, 2008

Dyeing to Tell (Not allowed to tell the rest)

More tidbits of projects that are keeping me very busy but I can't share what they are since they are projects for my book. The working title is "Magical Felting" but the publisher can change that.

This week's dyeing attempt - much more pleasing to me than last weeks although the lighting makes it look much paler than it is - I'm going to do Shibori stitching on the robin egg blue chiffon and overdye it - exciting to plan! Having some extra time to play really makes the dyeing experience much more fun and I learned so much!
Here is the silk habotai, silk gauze, silk chiffon, silk hankies, silk rods, a few wool curls and a bit of wool roving -- I'm feeling a bit more confident now working with the acid dyes - there's some pieces missing that are still drying - some red that was way too bright overdyed with a golden brown and now it's a lovely cinnebar - lovely for Fall.

This was last week's dyeing attempt - I wanted a "leafy" green but got this neon green instead. I've since overdyed it and and it's deeper and much more subdued which is what I wanted - it's still drying :-)


  1. ooooh, yummy stuff. Can't wait for your new book. Love the 1st book.

  2. Doreen, that you so much for your kind comments - the new book will focus on combining machine needle and wet felting - great fun and very addictive!