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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Still In Love with Color and Texture

A small sample of shibori pole wrapping - this luscious silk charmuese was dyed in soft cream and pink, pole wrapped and pleated before over dyeing with brighter pink.

A glimmer of the silk hankies dyed last week to be used for a very special project designed for my book - they are very lacy and the color reminds me of Vermont leaves - perfect for Fall!


  1. Her Majesty (what a lovely name of the blog!), that piece of silk is breathtaking! I am too interested in wool and dyes and feel happy to see all your colorful work!

    I am in Scotland but from Slovakia. Country similar to Scotland re nature but much smaller. But I love it here, love the spaciousness, the nature, lochs and bays and beaches... Sending you warm Scottish greetings!! Monika

  2. Thanks Monika in Scotland (is it lovely and rainy today making everything green?) -- sorry I've not had a spare minute lately to respond or to do much in the way of updating my blog! I'm experimenting using this pleated shibori ribbon for projects in the new book and I'm going to give simple instructions so everyone else can try it too!)