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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Embellished and Scrumbled Scarf

While looking for the blazer embellishment pictures, I found this scarf I had done as a gift -- you may like to try make them too - the main scarf was needle felted according to the instructions in "Needle Felting Magic" with some silk velvet embedded and then scrumbles added to each end. For those who don't know what scrumbles are -- you are missing out! They are free-form knitted and crochet modular pieces put together -- great fun to add more embellishment!

I'm just sorry that I didn't take better pictures as it was in lovely shades of blueberry and violet (I should have taken the pictures outdoors - natures light is alway better in capturing all the subtleties of color).


  1. Hi Margo, I just discoverd your blog and I wanted to compliment you with your lovely work!

  2. I love the colors. I haven't embellished in a while, I need to get back to it.

  3. jacquelines - thank you for the compliment! I'm off to visit your blog.

    Stephanie - how are you? I think about you often when I delve into thatlovely bag of sumpteous materials you sent to me!!! I'm going to make some felt and embellish a jacket with it - then overdye - of course, I need to find the time to do this a well as spend time with my family that I've not had much time with while writing the book!

  4. What a lovely scarf! I wish I had one like that. Think I have to start working on it :-)