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Thursday, November 13, 2008

More Felting - this time fingerless gloves!

No, these aren't tree branches - they are well felted fingerless gloves! My friend Kathy invited me over so we could have a felting evening - we each made three pair of fingerless gloves so they could be rolled side by side. It takes a while to lay out the wool and it got late, so I brought the wet unfinished gloves home and have been working on them in stages as I get the time. That's the beauty of working with felt - you just re-wet and continue with the rolling and fulling. These are really a lovely hard felt. Although it is difficult to tell from the picture, there are little bits of yarn and curls embedded - there is even a little bow toward the cuff that doesn't show up.

This pair needs a little more work - almost there! The wool is getting pebby texture and the yarn is really embedded nicely. I used a lot of mohair curls and they take longer to felt.

Much more to go - some more work needs to be done one this pair. They need to shrink by a couple of inches and harden as gloves typically get a lot of wear and have to hold up!


  1. They look wonderful, but must they be stiff? does this wear comfortable?

  2. Yvette, the pink ones are still wet so I stood them up on end to photograph. They pull on nicely and are snug but not too stiff or tight - they are going to really hold up! - when they are dry, I plan to steam them and add cut the cuff in a curve - then I'll post more pictures