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Monday, January 19, 2009


This pillow is a gift; it's just a little token of appreciation for a very kind friend. The front piece was machine needle felted/stitched and then wet felted some time ago and incorporates some silk shibori, silk velvet and hand embroidery. The stitching really adds a delicious touch as the stitched circles "pop" once the wool shrinks during felting and provides lots of interesting surface texture.

The cording matches the back which is a nectarine silk dupioni; the trimmings cut from the front felt were stitched together with lots more machine stitching and a silk velvet covered button secures the two halves of the pillow and adds a designer touch (it occurred to me that this would make a great Valentine cuff!) - the stuffed insert may be removed for cleaning.


  1. wow these pillows pop. I would love to see them on my sofa. ahahahahahha

  2. Stunning Margo!
    I love your work. I hope things are going well with you.
    Things are great here in NC.