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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Babies, Babies Everywhere!

Two down - one to go. Baby presents that is.
There is still a baby boy gift to get to for another friend's newest grandson (9lbs 11 ounces) - before I found felting, creating special baby gifts was my passion. Very soon I have plans to get immersed in felting and dyeing.

Two confections in the palest of pinks for a special little baby girl anticipated within a few weeks by a co-worker's daughter. This delicate "little lamb" gown is English smocking on a very fine Swiss batiste and will fit her right away (I'm always looking for excuses to make one as these are so dear); the jacket is the softest, palest pink fulled wool fabric (washed several times in the washer and then dried in the dryer before cutting it out) and will fit when she is a little older - it's irrestible to think of a tiny little dark haired girl toddling around in this cozy wrap.

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