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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

New Felt Challenge (to myself!)

This project was all machine needle felted then stitched prior to being wet felted - I love combining my two passions! and I'm officially predicting that it will become a future trend. The color began with the yellows previously dyed (I had been thinking and planning in yellow) . . . . . . . . . some vibrant and some soft hues in layers over a saffron shade of silk gauze . . . and then it began "talking" to me and telling me to add some pink as some of the yellow roving had tiny tinges of pink . . . and tiny bits of orangy silk gauze . . . and some soft "peachy" silk velvet. I love mixing colors that shouldn't really be together or unusual combinations; sometimes it works.

Things learned from this experience: do a small sample using the same materials and measure the shrinkage before beginning such a large undertaking.

This is the back and the first piece; the top portion is more yellow than the picture, in fact it matches the front perfectly; HOWEVER, it shrunk so much that I'll have to do it over.
Never give up! I'll use this for something else as it is so very pretty! Perhaps a vest back for one of my girls.
(Note: I've had to purchase more wool on line which is no easy task considering colorways can look quite different on line and the original purchases were made at a show a long time ago - it HAS to match the front; the saving grace is that I used three layers so I can probably "wing" it)

This is a close up of some detail placement where you get a better idea of the colors used.

Success with the jacket front -- these are the two fronts and the shrinkage and design match which was no easy task and I'm very excited! -- now if I can only get the back right! . . . and then there are the sleeves; those will be another challenge. The colorway is actually much softer than is shown here; it matches the back perfectly. I added just a little detail to what is planned to be the lapel area.
Although it is a nuno felt with a wonderful drape, it is quite sturdy! When held up to the light, the light shows through the silk gauze which is also very "puckery."

A close up of the lapel detail. I do love tiny detail.


  1. That's beautiful! I love the colors yellow and pink together :)

  2. Oh thank you so much! the actual wool colorway is softer than is shown here - layers of merino peach, yellow, butter yellow with tinges of pink, touches of pink merino/silk and squares of goldenrod and pink silk gauze.