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Friday, April 03, 2009

Shibori Play

Isn't this fun? It's wool felted on to a cotton gauze and although I think silk will work better, I loved this green that another friend, Stephanie, kindly sent to me. I met her in Nashville when she was my helper during class teaching the Embellisher and one day several months later I got a lovely bag of dyed silks, rayons and scrim in every hue imaginable as a surprise - aren't I lucky to know such talented and kind people? I'm absolutely obsessed with doing more of this work - have just about every Shibori book and lots of supplies. Now I need to practice! Where are the extra arms and hours that I'll need to make all the ideas rolling around in my head! To me this looks like something you'd come across in the woods (in Spring, of course!). It's getting late. . . . of to my colorful dreams so I can play more tomorrow . . . .

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