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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Studio Move Over!!!

Oh, well, I wanted this picture to be near the end but somehow it got "lost" the first time. Here are the magical baskets from "The Container Store." These hold an amazing amount and are wonderful for storing things and are attached to the wall making the closet a lot more functional. There is a roomy drawer just for embroidery hoops, and stabilizers - these are usually very hard to store and others are for some silks, velvets, felting supplies, glues and gadgets and there is room for more! Next to it is a table that holds bolts of fabric with my organizer for embroidery thread and computer disks container on top.
It's taken over two weeks every weekend with my husband moving all the furniture firs and me moving and organizing everything else but it was well worth it because now I'm well acquainted with every ribbon, piece of silk fabric and bag of wool and silk fiber, quilting fabric, bead, stamp, and gadget and everything in between! I went from a small but cozy (only to me, I'm sure) and cramped and crowded room to a much larger roomy and spacious studio! The only regret is that I have a carpet floor; however, since we plan on moving relatively soon (year or two) I can't see changing it - I'll just cover it with plastic when felting larger pieces or move it to the kitchen.

This restful place is to the right of the entrance and a place to do hand work or read and take a break.
The only remaining item is a book shelf from Ikea that will be placed on the left entrance wall but it have to wait until I get there; in the meantime all the quilt fabrics have been organized and are waiting in there colorful piles to be placed on the shelves.

This is the "incidental corner" with containers one of which is full of embroidery threads sorted by color; the other has paints, beads, stamps, glitter (oh so much glitter) and other things that I "need" (at least to look at!). My drum carder also has a handy perch.

Here is the machine line-up; from left to right: Ellegante, Imagine serger, Embellisher 7-needle (the 12-needle sits ready under the table) yes I'm a Babylock fan!), one of my faves, my Pfaff 1475, and my Brother PQ1500 which also has a Feltscape attachment on the end.

Here's my computer corner where I am sitting right now - I can listen to my music or when I need a change watch tv/dvd/vidio right across the room.

Just some of the sorting that went on - of course I love this sort of "playing."

My new valance made of rolls of silk ribbon as well as some hand dyed by me - may as well enjoy the color and it doesn't hide the lovely, leafy view from the window.

There is also a large walk in closet - (difficult to take pictures in there). This is the upper shelf on the right with some more ribbons for flower work and specialy threads for hand work. You can see some of the wool organized over the top.

The three baskets stored under the green bag contain my trunk show samples. I also was able to store my rolls of silk for dyeing!

Here is what the back of the closet looks like with wool curls, balls of yarn, silk fiber and fabric, prefelts.
This closet also has room for the samples for the recent book.


  1. Heaven! You have such wonderful materials and equipment! I'm envious! You and the King have done a magnificent job, Your Highness.

    Although, I'd have to look at the luscious bags of wool sorted by color out in the open instead of keeping neatly in the closet! Aaahhhh. I'd probably nail then like shingles to a wall!

  2. Well Shelley,I love nothing more than to be surrounded by colorful wool to touch and feel; I pull out huge amounts while I'm working on a project but then I put the remainder back in the bag for storage- I'm so afraid of getting moths. I use lavender and so far haven't had any problems for the four or five years I've been doing this but when you purchase from individual farms, you just never know and one bad batch could contaminate everything else. I did have all the wool loose in the baskets but then decided against it.

    Other comments or ideas are welcome!

  3. Wow, what a great place to indulge in your artistic efforts! Great job organizing your space. May you spend many happy hours in your new studio.

  4. Jeanne - wish you lived close enough to come and "play!!!!