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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Red Felt Vest Finished!

This is one of my very favorites. It's loose but fitting and is just what I wanted. The shoulders are wide and create a drop sleeve; it is much longer than it looks here and much more red (again that stark sunlight when I took the pictures); check a few posts back to see the true color. I used every spare piece of felt down to the button which is rolled to mimic the pinwheel design element. There are also ribbons pinwheel flowers on the the pocket flaps. It's very soft/fluid and I used some other trimmed pieces for ruffled pockets and a small peplum in the center back.


  1. Very interesting. I dont normally love pink, but this is really lovable.

  2. Thanks! it's actually more red than the picture - I LOVE your rust dyed piece - if it were me, I'd just enjoy it for the time being just the way it is an perhaps later maybe some nuno?

  3. This is a stunning piece. I'm enjoying watching your blog. Hope you are well.