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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Working with Mulberry Paper - Joomchi Beginnings

I've found another obsession - just can't get enough of Joomchi!  I'm completely enthralled by the way that working with simple mulberry paper and water can produce such lacy results and I have BIG plans to work with these pieces further.  I took a workshop a few years ago and the process really intrigued me.  If you want to know more, I love the book Joomchi and Beyond.  Basically, the process entails layering mulberry paper/water and lots of squeezing and the process reminds me very much of felting.  I'm still very much in the experimental stage and the ideas for enhancements and display are dancing around in my head!


  1. I am desperate to find out how to do this process. All I can find is the contemporary artist that brought it to America. Can you do a tutorial? I would be ever so grateful. I have done "similiar" effect in felt, but need to actually do the original form before I can move forward. Can you help a fellow artist out? I found your site from a web search.

  2. Hi Patti - the book Joomchi and Beyond is how I learned! It does a much better job than I could ever do in writing. It is a process much like felt, where your hands have to learn as much as your head. Get the book and some mulberry paper and go for it! Good luck.

  3. I have quiet a lot of roving mulberry silk and wondered if I used it along with the hanji for the joomchi process?